I believe love gives us life and life teaches us how to love. Sharing my life experiences so that we all can feel connected not aloof; doesn’t matter the cast, creed, religion in which we are born. I believe in both science and spirituality 🧡☯🧠

I believe in this quote which says “You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have” – Bob Marley



This ain’t Einstein’s concept of relativity instead it’s literature-life relativity. The feeling you have when you are going through serious shit and you see or hear a quote or a story and you immediately relate to it. You feel like – What timing man, it’s made for me only (This must have happened with almostContinue reading “A MOMENT OF RELATIVITY”


A lot was talked about Mindfulness last year because of which this term was hyped. So much pressure was developed and people forgot that even by doing simple things they can rejuvenate their mind, body and soul. I am putting mindfulness into a simple checklist, hope this will help. If you are following majority ofContinue reading “MINDFULNESS CHECKLIST”


Who you wanna be? Many says Climbers are pretty much better than trees because- Trees are tall but climbers can achieve greater heights. Trees takes a lot of time in developing themselves whereas climbers don’t. Trees require much larger space and nourishment than climbers. I say, live your life like a tree because their rootsContinue reading “CREEPERS Or TREE ??”

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